1. Hello! My name is Natalia Oledzka, and I'm a current Junior. I am majoring in Communication Design, and minoring in History.
  2. I'm a Polish-American human that was born and raised in New York City, and has come to WashU to pursue her love of design. I am taking this class to have fun and improve upon my HTML, CSS & Javascript skills, challenge myself and build my portfolio.
  3. I dabbled in HTML before, but my main experience comes from taking an Intro Web Development class through the engineering school my Sophomore Fall.
  4. I want to become incredibly comfortable with creating a webpage, and stop constantly referencing Google to recall my knowledge.
  5. You have to adapt to different browser, monitor and device sizes, as well as different methods of scrolling and interacting, such as fingers versus a cursor.
  6. Beyong This Point is incredibly interesting and is an incredibly pretty and simplified browsing experience, providing information in a streamlined way and only the information you need, creating a clean and effective space.
  7. The NY Times organizes busy information in a clear and organized manner, using hierarchy of scale and images to differentiate materials it an organized way.
  8. The Wing communicates in a visually appealing and effective manner, having everything organized and intuitive to browse.